Tabata Training

Have to quickly share something that one of the mums at school told me about this morning, when dropping our kids off.

Tabata training. I think I might be behind the times seeing as this is the first time I have heard about it. Come on twitter peeps – where have you been?

Sounds great and the perfect “mum” fitness routine. It takes FOUR minutes. Count them, 1 2 3 4. I joked that it takes my kettle four minutes to boil from completely cold. Could I fit a workout in while waiting for it?


You could probably fit in a Tabata routine waiting for your four year old to get themselves dressed, your six year old to tie their shoelaces, your nine year old to finish ‘that level’ of Skylanders, and your teenager to finish primping in the bathroom (well, that might give you time for a 5k run). If you would like to know more, you can click here.

I am definitely going to fit this in to my days especially if it has the benefits of improving both my aerobic and anaerobic systems. We all know that I want to run faster and this could certainly help.

Amazing what you can learn at school drop off. 🙂

Top 3 things a marathon teaches you

As expected, training for my first marathon has been an incredible learning experience. Some people enjoy learning the more technical aspects of running whereas I have learnt an inordinate amount about my particular body and my mental states. The top three things that training for a marathon teaches you, according to my model of the world, are:

1. That the marathon itself is not the achievement. It is all those training runs, the hours spent planning, preparing and running which are the real achievements. It is a huge commitment from you and your family.

2. The bad runs are valuable because they are signals that you need to check your training schedule, fuelling, sleeping and what other emotionally or mentally draining things might be going on in your life and how to better manage them. They also remind you to really appreciate the good ones!

3. Running seems to automatically make you part of a community and the hours logged training for a marathon completely embed you in that community. Through this I have learnt greater compassion for others, their particular journeys to the start line and also just a more general understanding of others’ passions and commitments. I admire anyone now that commits to something greater than themselves in whatever way that might be for them.

Go hard or go home. See your passion through to its end.

Holy Moley

This is likely to become my catch phrase over the next two months. I have uttered it a number of times over the last few weeks and based on my training schedule, it is going to become increasingly popular.

I ran my first 28km long run last Friday. Let me set the scene. A conversation with an Iron Man friend had me fired up to run by heart rate rather than pace as I need to build my aerobic efficiency and endurance.

My long run is scheduled for Saturday but seeing as it was likely to take a number of hours I changed it for the Friday morning. My darling husband said he would take the kids to school so that I could go whatever time I liked. Gorgeous.

I was really excited to be doing such a long run and had mapped and re-mapped a route that would take me along the beach road. Then I started wondering if perhaps the wind would make things difficult if I took that route. Nah, too bad. There are no bad conditions, just soft runners.

Friday morning dawned. It dawned cold and raining. Lots of rain. My husband went out for a run first and came back assuring me that I would need the spray jacket. I didn’t want to take it as I get too hot, but on checking the radar, it was looking like more rain was coming my way. I did the right thing. I took it. I looked a sight with my fuel belt tucked under it. I must have looked like I was carrying a spare tyre under my jacket. I might have some excess baby fat but not that much!

Within minutes I was pretty much soaked but I didn’t care. I have changed so much through running. Not that I was ever one to worry too much about a little rain but now days I think I actually relish it and I was certainly enjoying it on Friday.

Slowing down so much to get my heart rate in the 140s meant that I wasn’t taxed at all by the run. So much so that I could enjoy the scenery as I ran along a road that I hadn’t traversed in a long time outside of the car. I got some strange looks from people obviously concerned about this crazy lady running in the rain.

Along the beach road turned out to be divine. No wind, but plenty of rain. I lapped it up. The smell of the salty air, the view of the boats at the yacht clubs, the rough water, the magnificent houses with their perfectly placed balconies, the scrub of the dunes. I was reminded with every step how much I love running and the joy of being outside, on my own at peace with the world. So corny and true.

bathing boxes

I did really well until about 22km when I had to stop to stretch an angry calf muscle and then the 24km mark when I wondered if my legs could actually keep turning over. My mind was strong but my body was getting weak.

It wasn’t the distance that got me but the length of time that I was on my feet. I did those 28km’s very slowly. In fact it took me 3 hours and 9 minutes.  I have not run continuously for that long ever in my life. Amazing. And to think that I am likely to run for at least another hour on top of that in just over two months time. HOLY MOLEY!

I felt pretty good afterwards but for the last few days have been struggling with calf and glute soreness. HOLY MOLEY how will I feel after 42.2?

HOLY MOLEY how do people get through their training plans and run more than one marathon?




Making Room for a Marathon

Late last year I promised myself that 2012 would be all about “making room”.

Making room in my life for things that I was passionate about. 

Making room for potentially returning to study and retraining for a new profession.

I had to focus on changing what I was doing in order to “make room” in my life which was so full and busy.

The women who work with me put in effort to help me achieve this goal as well by cutting me out of the loop – it has been hilarious. My husband and I run our own business and I also needed him to accept that it is time for me to turn myself to what “blows my skirt up” (as he would say), “what floats my boat” and all those metaphors for those things which make our heart sing and bring us joy.

My husband is an incredible man and he has allowed me such freedom as this year has gone on to do what I want to do. I guess a happy woman is a happy wife, happy mum, making for a happy life for everyone involved. 

So I have reached the point where I have more “room” in my life. And guess what, I think I have filled it up with a Marathon…. hmmm….. that wasn’t really in the plan.

But the joy it is bringing is DEFINITELY in the plan. Along with the great thoughts I have when out running which I then pour into all the other parts of my life. 

And along the way I think I have made room for peace in my soul.