So when can I call myself a “runner”?

Seriously folks, at what point in time do you get the ability/right/confidence to call yourself a runner? 

Following my last post where I confessed to some negative internal thoughts, I have been wondering if, because of those thoughts, I don’t actually consider myself a runner. What I have come up with is that I actually see myself more as a mum that runs. 

This is fascinating because I am more than just a mum. Just like all parents, I balance paid work, children, housework, volunteer work and my own hobbies (hmm perhaps that should be singular, hobby).

I guess in my mind a real runner is those people who replace their full time work with their running. These are the elite athletes who focus on their sport. 

Also, I think that my mum title takes up a lot more time, brain space and emotional energy than any other thing that I do in my life. Although that might all change with my marathon plans this year!

As with all of us I guess, we are multi-faceted and to call yourself one thing, such as a “runner”, does not truly represent who we are or our experiences.

I truly am a mum who runs (and works, and sleeps, and reads, and daydreams).

Another mother runner. How does your running fit in with your life and sense of identity?