Set let’s get started

My first blog will be a quick one.  It is a thank you to two people.  Firstly, Sarah Napthali who I have never met but dearly love her writing.  I stumbled across her second book, Buddhism for Mothers With Lingering Questions at my naturopath’s shop and immediately had them order her first book for me.  I am now reading her third book, ‘Buddhism for Mothers with School Age Children’ and loving it!  Her work is beautiful because it is honest, upfront and almost any parent can relate to it, including my husband.  So thank you for taking the time to write and share – keep ’em coming.

The second person to thank is the wonderful Samantha Bell.  She introduced me to social media, aka Twitter, and I thought that I would find something on Buddhism for Mothers, when I didn’t, I started to wonder whether I could do something.  Sam was quick to provide her support and encouragement.  The basis of all things for her is “if you are passionate and love it, then just do it”.  We both believe in Open Space principles – the right people will come, at the right time and whatever happens is the only thing that could happen which really helps when considering writing a blog.

So I put this blog out to the universe (or more precisely the internet) and let’s see what we can create.  Not sure when you will read my first “experience” but according to my plan, it will be about parenting mindfully.

Love to hear from you!