Race day is almost here!

I am so excited and happy.

Race day is two sleeps away and I am calmly waiting for my girlfriends to pick me up so we can head out for a weekend away in the beautiful Barossa Valley. Magic.

As I reflect on my training cycle, it has been up and down as they always seem to be. There doesn’t ever seem to be a perfect training cycle. I have done as well as I could within the parameters of my life. (Remember, running is a hobby!).

The two international trips – one for pleasure and one for work – certainly impacted my training and how I felt. Jet lag is a …. pain.

Four weeks out from race day I was a wreck and my coach and I agreed that I might have been a little over-trained due to two marathon training cycles back to back (thanks to the DNF in October).

Scaling back the effort but not the distance certainly helped to make the last few weeks a joy.

That reminds me of the true up and down of this training cycle. The ups and downs between wanting so desperately to achieve a time goal and also wanting to enjoy my hobby. I made peace with just running for a while.

Again today I am fighting with a tiny little voice that says to me, if you dont get a sub-4 hour marathon you will be disappointed. Thankfully there is a louder voice that says, if you run a smart race and finish another marathon you are a badass!

I love running. I love training. I love seeing my body become a strong machine.

And on Sunday I am going to love running among the vines of the Barossa Valley with my tribe and a group of gorgeous ladies waiting at the finish line.

Come what may.

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