Breaking 2

What a day!

Started with a four hour run – my last long run before race day. I got near the end and thought to myself, “I had forgotten how it feels to run this long”. It feels tiring. It feels like an accomplishment. You know how far you have come to be able to run for an hour, two hours, building up to the longer runs over the weeks. For me, despite significant attention on strengthening this marathon cycle, my hips always give me the signal first when enough is enough. I think I came close to their limit today…..

It is great to have another four hour run under my belt, or rather, in my legs. My goals for race day are to finish with an empty tank and to master the negative split. This formula will also hopefully bring me a PB. We shall see…

This afternoon I had the pleasure to be able to sit on the couch for two hours and watch the Nike Breaking 2 experiment. Totally inspiring. Eliud Kipchoge dedicated two years of his life to the experiment and finished the marathon (in controlled conditions with everything in his favour) in 2:00:25. Amazing!!

So, they didn’t break 2 hours but they came very close. It is certainly within the realm of possibility.

What was truly inspiring for me as a hobby runner, was Kipchoge’s attitude and commitment. His mantra is ‘beyond your limits’. We limit ourselves in our thinking and attitudes. We limit ourselves by what others tell us about ourselves. For me to finish my marathon with an empty tank will push me beyond my limits as I don’t like to go hard.

I have always said that in my dreams I am a Kenyan. I will be channelling Kipchoge on my jaunt in the Barossa Valley.

Inspiration is where you find it.


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