Snowy reflections

I have been extremely fortunate to have just spent a week skiing in Japan. Despite having no inclination all of my life to be anywhere cold but rather favouring the sandy, salty air and warmth of a good Aussie beach, it is quite remarkable that my husband has convinced me to brave the white stuff. And I mean snow. The wet and cold kind.

The peace of the mountains and spending all day out in clean, fresh air provided time for some soul searching and personal reflection. When the body is tired I find the mind can become clear and uncluttered.

I am also reading a book recommended by my running coach written by¬†Joe Henderson called ‘Long Slow Distance’. It has reminded me of why I run and, sorry to say, revealed to me that I had lost my way. On top of that, I am working my way through a book called ‘Designing Your Life’ by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. I had started to focus on the achievement of running. The doing of it to reach a goal rather than remembering the joy of it. The playfulness. That has all disappeared among the time goal and desperate desire to achieve a BQ. Why? Why tarnish one of the things in my life that I love?

I run because it is my therapy, my alone time, and a way to keep my body strong and fit. I have been focussing on the wrong thing – my paces, my mileage, my preparation.

It was difficult to fit in running while we were away and I felt so guilty those first few days. Now I am relaxed and moving forward. I did plenty of exercise! The peace of the mountains provided my therapy and each run down the hill I was on my own – just me and my skis.

Running is my hobby. It should be what brings me happiness and playfulness. I am going to return to that mindset. I have enough things in my life that involve striving, achieving and having to push yourself. I don’t need to add running to that swirling pool.

Running used to make me happy. And it will again. Come what may.

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