Just keep running….

I am well into week 4 of my 20 week marathon training plan. I love heart rate training. Have I said that before? You know what I really love about it, the fact that you aren’t wiped out for the rest of the day despite doing an hour or an hour and a half of exercise starting at 5.30am. Instead, you feel quite energised. On the two days this week that I haven’t run, I have felt sluggish and tired. On the days where I have run, I have been happy, buoyant and (hopefully) fun to be around.

The weekly long runs are working their way up after 16km last week and staring down 19.5km this Saturday morning. Keeping my heart rate under 140 bpm means they take a bit of time!

I have been reading the recommended book for this cycle, Long Slow Distance by Joe Henderson. I am really enjoying it because it has case studies of people who trained to run fast by running slow. One of those is Amby Burfoot who won the Boston Marathon back in the last ’60s. It is lovely to hear about “who” he was at the time, the hippy runner. I have listened to recent podcasts featuring Amby who is now an older gentleman and extremely entertaining.

Does that mean I am using an outdated approach? Or does it mean that perhaps we have learnt a few things along the way and recreational runners are getting the benefits of what has come before us. I think the latter.

If you would like a way to run that is less likely to result in injury and you can actually ENJOY the act of running, come chat to me.  Perhaps can do spend a km or two together.


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