On the road again

Excited to report that I am back into marathon training. My 20 weeks has started and although feeling a little rusty with the routine I am happy to be back on the road again.

IMG_3421My podcasts this week have invoked some interesting thoughts. I have listened to stories of interpreters in Iraq who have worked for the US military and now find themselves at risk of losing their lives (due to the involvement with the US) with no or little ability to relocate.  I have listened to Another Mother Runner and how to get yourself motivated and stay that way after Christmas indulgence. Of course the podcast included the usual TMI associated with running, which we all love to hear from the AMR ladies. This morning it was listening to an interview with a Canadian runner who delved into the topic of the objectification and perception of women in sport and the impact this can have particularly on young girls. This is a topic that has been of interest to me for a long time and I enjoy hearing different perspectives.

So marathon training is back in swing and so is the time that I have to listen to a plethora of podcasts that make me think. I am in my happy place!

Last week I was feeling a little overwhelmed as I stared down the 20 week plan but then my mother runner community reminded me to take it one run at a time. Such a great metaphor for life. We only have the here and now – what are you doing with it?

And where is your happy place?

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