Getting it done!

Many a time I have questioned my mental strength. I have always been very good at letting myself off the hook.

“So I don’t feel like running, no big deal, I’ll make sure I run tomorrow.” I never felt any guilt, I just thought I was being very sensible listening to my body. Unfortunately with marathon training skipping one run here and there isn’t an issue but if it becomes a regular pattern then you REALLY need to take a good look at what is going on. I wasn’t holding up that mirror!

Last Monday I couldn’t get myself out of bed to go for a run. Firstly because I had skied all day on Sunday and was pretty tired. Secondly, it was cold and there was snow on the ground.

After another morning of skiing, I was chilling out at a friend’s house and emailed my coach for advice on how to change my plan to accomodate the fact that I had missed my run. She was very nice about it.

But I kept on thinking about it. Thinking about how I had been able to tick off every run of my training plan so far and how far I had come. And then there was all the mums on┬ámy coaching facebook page who had given me amazing advice on how to run in snowy conditions. I couldn’t let it go.

Unbelievably, at 4 in the afternoon, I put on my yak tracks, thermals plus another layer and headed out into the cold and rain. Over an hour of running in less than ideal conditions in complete silence. All I could hear was the rain on the trees and the roads. It was completely magical. The air was fresh and clean smelling of snow gums and dampness. The road was edged with snow and all I could hear was the sound of my yak tracks scraping on the asphalt. It was like an amazing dream world.

IMG_5315 IMG_5316

Here’s to having the mental fitness to go along with my physical fitness in getting it done.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

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