Marathon Training Plan

Here we go!

I have signed up for an online marathon training plan with the incredible TrainLikeAMother.Club. Not only do you get a detailed plan but have access to a coach, a specific Facebook group, Strava page,  support videos and exclusive podcasts just for you and the other mother runners who have signed up for your “wave”.

Why did I do this you ask?

I decided that I needed a coach in order to have the best chance of laying down a Boston qualifying time. I have also had some curious goings on with my heart rate that I have researched with no success and thought a running coach could help. I reached out to some amazing runners on the Australian Mother Runners Facebook page and got some great tips and recommendations.

Then, as I was listening to Another Mother Runner podcast on my long run last Saturday, I heard Mary-Katherine Fleming talking about heart rate training. Yes, yes, I have tried the Maffetone approach before and failed miserably. However, she provided some brilliant advice and was an absolute wealth of knowledge about the how and why of heart rate training. Her passion, knowledge and approach hit a chord and I was sold.

I also have to mention that I am currently reading Mark Fitzgerald’s book, The Iron War which makes you want to go outside and get your sweat on every minute of the day. It is a fantastic book about the rivalry between Dave Scott and Mark Allen – two of triathlons greatest athletes. And those boys know all about heart rate training…..

I am going to give this a red hot go and see where it takes me. I am new at being held accountable to my training and am sure I will get frustrated with the long, slow runs but if they bring me a Boston Qualifying time then every minute will be worth it.

I am in this for the long haul. I do not see this as a short-term approach. I will race at the Melbourne Marathon in October but will also have in my sights, the Barossa Marathon in May.

All the while just focussing on one foot in front of the other because that is really all I am doing. 🙂

Run long and strong.cropped-cropped-20x30-BVDA1858.jpeg

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