It’s the little things

Aug 2013 Winter SunriseWow, it has been a while since I posted…. sorry guys. Life has gotten in the way of my running and blogging.

But I am here to tell you that life is GOOD! And it is the little things that make it good.

At the moment I have extremely sore legs from doing squats. I have decided to get back into the ‘runner style’ strength training in preparation for the start of my next marathon training cycle. I love having sore legs from squats even if I do look strange when I walk.

Yesterday was a ‘rest’ day and I was not happy about it because as I got a sniff of the morning air when I let the dog out at breakfast time. The air had that beautiful combination of sweet smelling sea air combined with the scent of fresh greenery. One of those perfect running mornings when the air you breath in seems to give you extra strength due to what is floating on the wind. Love it.

And then this morning, I got to run in the rain. I love running in the rain (if it’s not too windy). Everything is much quieter and still with the rain. The air is fresh and you know you are a true runner as well as a little crazy.

It is the little things that I love about running.

What are yours?

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