I’m baaaacckkkkk!

Stop when tired picI am exceptionally excited to announce that I am BACK. My running mojo that went on holiday while I tackled a minor health issue has decided to return. And I think my running mojo has returned sun tanned, relaxed and ready for the next challenge.

I swam 2.5k in the pool on Thursday and then ran almost 15km yesterday morning followed by an easy 20k on the bike today. I am not overly tired and I have no aches or pains or gripes. Hallelujah! It feels really good to be able to do all my favourite activities.

I might need to put a caveat on my success though. It hasn’t been pretty. There was a fair bit of “legs through mud” action going on as I plodded up the hills at the end of my long run yesterday. Obviously no one I knew saw me as I would have received some concerned phone calls.

It is energising when you realise that your body is starting to be able to do the things you ask of it again. It has been a long road back after making some significant changes to my diet. I am feeling a sense of positivity that comes from having applied grit and determination.

I found myself registering for the Melbourne Marathon earlier this week. I have plenty of time to build a good base and then initiate a training plan. We all know I have a BQ in mind and this will be the race to do it. Nice and flat! I am going to give it a good crack. Whoo hoooo!

So for any of you that have lost your mojo, or have not found it as yet, hang in there. With patience and persistence comes rewards.

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