Amazing bodies

Our bodies are truly amazing and completely confusing. I have been undertaking a detox in order to rectify a small health issue that I have and as a result I am struggling to run. Hence the lack of blogging of late. I have also quit sugar (as much as you can when you enjoy prosecco) as mentioned in a previous blog.

It is outrageous. When I do head out for a run I have to run/walk as I just don’t have the energy to do anymore than that. It is quite disconcerting and everytime I feel the need to walk, I feel surprised.

My goal was to be running between 15 – 20k long runs by the time the Christmas holidays arrived so that I would be in a good place to start Marathon training in late January.

Nuh-uh. No way.

I have downloaded a new training plan thanks to AnotherMotherRunner website which is geared towards getting a PB. I think I might have to delay the start and aim for a different race.

Heartbreaking as that is I¬†really have to listen to this¬†amazing body of mine. They tell you what they need. The things you don’t listen to is your negative self talk but that is a whole other blog.

What are your plans leading into Christmas? What is your body telling you? Are you nailing it?? Love to hear a sensational story of someone achieving their exercise goals. Tell me all.


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