Dreamin’ of a BQ

“Doing a marathon in a time that qualifies for Boston by May 2016, tell her she’s dreamin’!”

Boston StrongFor those readers who have not seen the classic Australian film, The Castle, I have pinched an expression from one of the main characters. It is how I am starting to feel about my chances of achieving my dream of a boston qualifying time at the Barossa Marathon in May next year.

And for those readers that dutifully read my blog because they are my mates and do not have any inclination to run, you have to run a ‘registered’ marathon in a specified time for your age/sex category in order to be able to sign up for the Boston Marathon. It is kind of a big deal.

I am getting older so the required time is getting closer to being achievable which is one benefit of “ageing up” next year. Hopefully not the only one.

But based on my current lack of fitness andĀ form I am starting to think that 2016 might be a preparation year. I have cut sugar (as much as I can) from my diet in order to ensure my body ‘fat adapts’ (check out this blog if you are thinking, WHAT??) and I am starting to work on my core and increasing my speed work sessions to improve my fitness. I have been tackling a minor health issue which has made me tired so my running has been cut back – hence the lack of fitness at the moment. It’s all going to be worth it. All the pieces of the puzzle are going to come together. I am good at puzzles.

Not to mention I am planning on making my own ‘gels’ for the long runs. Yes, I am going to get in the kitchen and make a mess. Sugar free gels are my goal. I think that my body has become overly reliant on sugar for its energy after having too many of those sticky things during training and racing. Time to really cement that fat adaption.

So a BQ in May? I could be dreamin’ but we shall see what the next few months bring.

So long as I am having fun and have a goal to work towards it is all good.

What are you dreaming of? And don’t say donuts…..

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