Running Away

I thoroughly enjoyed a blog today over at Fit is a Feminist Issue about Angry Running or Running as Running Away. There was a great story about her running home barefoot and drunk from a party.

It is interesting that there is a number of motivational running photos which portray running as a way to deal with anger and frustration. I cannot deny that I have found running to be a very effective way to dissolve stress. I am certainly one of those mother runners that can be a bit cranky if they don’t get their run in, or their bike, or a swim. Actually even a good walk will sort me out to some degree.

There is a picture somewhere of a dad talking to his kids saying something like, ‘you had better go clean up your rooms, mum missed her run this morning so we don’t know what sort of crazy we are dealing with today.’ Not completely sure how I feel about that and I know it to be true of me.

Really, I find running to be fun most of the time. I don’t consciously use it for emotional state management necessarily.

Many of us find it hard to put aside time to meditate or quieten our minds and running helps me to make that time. So I wonder about all the people out there who don’t have exercise as a regular part of their daily life. How do they deal with stress, anger, frustration? They can’t all be finding time to meditate!

Running has made my life a better place to live in. It has given me something that is all mine, time to reflect and quieten my mind, personal aspirations and goals to achieve and it helps me to turn to the light and not stray to the dark side which I have propensity to do. It can also be a lot of fun. Especially when you run with other people. It is not all about running away.

Why do you run?

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