What does a runner do when running is not their friend anymore?

Running is not my friend at the moment.

Saying that out loud breaks my heart.

Running and I have been friends for a few years now and have developed a deep, satisfying bond. Running helped me through PND and has revealed that solid core of concrete I always knew I had inside me, but rarely got to feel.

But right now I am tackling a pretty simple health issue and the treatment is making me so very tired. Very, very tired. My energy levels have plummeted like the feeling you get as you hit the wall during a marathon. Running 6k is taxing. 10k is becoming out of reach. So much for my dream of a PB half marathon in Spring. Even the thought of running that far is making me feel like curling up under the warm covers. And this from a woman who has declared the marathon her favourite distance.

I am desperately clinging to my friendship with running, trying to make something work, not wanting it to fade. The reality is that I might have to give it up for a week or two and return to the bike. For some reason riding doesn’t seem quite so hard.

Perhaps my love of running has been too intense and this is a necessary hiatus. Nah. I am just making a choice to get my body healthy and the downside is a short term energy slump.


So what does a runner do when running can’t be their friend for a while?

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