Ditching the numbers

I am taking the plunge, I have ditched my Heart Rate monitor and am paying less attention to the numbers in order to improve my numbers.

Since the marathon I have been a bit sluggish and tired despite having undertaken a recovery approach which took into account my need for a long rest after these kinds of events. I have been obsessing over my high heart rate and frustrated by thinking that I am not fit enough. (Come on, I just trained for and ran a marathon!). I even wore my HR monitor to bed the other night to see what it is like when I am sleeping. The results were not what I expected…. (‘sad face’ as my 11 year old would say).

It was at this point that I decided I was a bit crazy and getting a little obsessed. I had already made up my mind that the next few months are about strengthening my core and increasing the amount of swimming I do in order to build my overall fitness. Now I am totally determined to increase my strength and fitness but without the HR monitor and with a focus on running form rather than pace.

I won’t give up my Garmin just yet as I feel that the distance and pace data is handy when looking at how you are going during a training cycle, but I am not going to look at it when I am out there, enjoying my running.  I recently read an article about getting into your running flow and it recommends this approach for working out the appropriate pace to run on any given day.


Yellow is for easy runs, recovery runs, long runs.

Orange hovers around the lactate threshold for tempo runs, long repeats and helps us to run faster at easier efforts.

Red is for intervals and hill repeats.

This will be how I plan my effort for my runs, not what pace I feel I “should” be running. I think I spend too much time in Orange and need a bit more Yellow and Red.

It is liberating to be ditching the numbers and get back to focussing on how I “feel”.

How do you plan your runs? How much attention do you pay to the data? More than you pay to your body?

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