To run or not to run….

My head is a crazy, swirly mess at the moment and I am hoping that will be short-lived (please!).

I am in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia at the moment on a little mini-break and the mornings are perfect for long runs. Cool, fresh, hint of wind, light early and the most perfect temperature. A far cry from my home town of dark, cold, wintry, wet with constant indecision as to how many layers to wear for a run.

And yet, I am not feeling overly motivated to run. I want to run. My body feels ready to run and my mind says, yes lets go, the night before. Come morning, I turn over and hide myself from the world until it is too late to fit in a run. Why? What is that all about?

Am I worried that it is too soon after the marathon? It has been three weeks today.

Am I worried that it won’t be a good run so don’t want to do it if it isn’t going to be amazing? I really don’t understand this mix of emotions that I am feeling about running.

I love running. I love being fit and I feel that it is the right time to start ramping up again so I can build on the fitness I developed for the marathon. I desperately want to continue to be fit and strong so that if the mood takes me I can sneak into the Melbourne Marathon in October.

I guess it is just another one of those times when you just have to go with it. Let the kangaroos roam around the top paddock, jumping here and there. Eventually they will settle on a spot to graze and all will return to calm. Ah, I look forward to that time again.


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