Holy Toledo Batman

Yes, yes, it is “that” time of my marathon training. I hit the wall during my long run on Easter Monday.

Holy Toldedo Batman!!

I know why they call it “the wall” but it feels much more like a very long, sludgy, muddy river bed that sucks your feet into its depths and releases them only with much pulling and effort, issuing slurping sounds with each reluctant lift of the foot.

I slogged through the last three kilometres of my 33k run which, to my credit, did contain hills. And when I finally stopped, I thought to myself, a thought I have had many times before…

“Holy Moley!”

How am I going to run 44km in just under 6 weeks time on a course full of hills and likely to be sporting outrageous weather conditions?

The answer came clear as the beeping of my Garmin watch on a still autumn morning, the same way you have done it before, one foot in front of the other, over and over again. With all the other crazies.

Still, not a good sign to have hit the wall on a medium distance training run so I have done an assessment of my nutrition, my training plan and rest days. Definitely need to improve my nutrition and make sure I get the carbohydrates that I need. Time to start a food journal again.

No matter how tough it was and how tired I have been for the two days since, I adore marathon training. It makes a part of my soul sing.

I am definitely a little unhinged. Perhaps just like a man who wears a skin tight bat costume…..



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