You know you have…

..too many Ironman friends when you don’t expect anyone to be impressed that you ran 30km on the weekend even though inside you are high fiving yourself all day.

..too¬†many fast runner friends when you are embarrassed to admit your time goal for the marathon is “to finish it”, and really that is the absolute truth when you think of all the hills ahead of you.

..too many runner friends when you find yourself including ‘fartlek’ in everyday conversation.

..become addicted to the running high when you are explaining your week’s routine to girlfriends and they look a little shocked but you don’t think you have trained hard enough.

..entered the hard core part of your training plan when your husband’s eyes are glazing over as you mention a niggle or potential injury brewing.

That is where I am right now and loving it!

Time to get in that sweat locker and stay there until taper.


As Ben Kaplan would say “Feet, don’t fail me now!”


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