Freak out!

If you are in a similar age group to me, you might be hearing that song from the 70s, Chic – Le Freak when you see the words FREAK OUT! I can tell you that it is going round and round in my head at the moment.

Sure, it has its good points as it makes me want to get up and dance but it also has its down side.

Why am I singing it all the time?

Because it is time for me to FREAK OUT about my marathon training. I am about 3 weeks behind where I “should” be according to my plan thanks to an illness and the most amazing conference thingy EVER.

I have a chatty achilles tendon that is annoying me. Ssshhhh.

I haven’t lost any kg’s to help me run faster so I am still mighty slow.

AND I had the great pleasure to do some hill repeats in one of the most beautiful parts of Victoria on Saturday and realised, holy moly, that the hills on the Great Ocean Road are going to be epic and I am nowhere near anywhere towards being hill fit!!

Hence we are at FREAK OUT stage.

So, what’s my plan? Same as always. One foot in front of the other and when that doesn’t work, drink some concrete and harden up.

I will finish that marathon come hell or high water. Or should I say come hill or wet weather.

Enjoy my song of the week….


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