Resilience is the breakfast of champions

I always have a bit of a laugh at the expression “breakfast of champions”, as you can apply it anywhere to anything that is important. I was using it this morning in relation to sales skills development that questions are the breakfast of champions when it comes to sales professionals (said with a smile on my face). It made me think of how I am getting through my current situation without losing the plot.

Stack of sweet bread and honey

I am injured. Two weeks out from a half marathon that I had flagged as a PR setting race. Due to my new found love of swimming, I have overdone the kicking drills with flippers and two tendons in my ankle have flared up and are chatting a bit too loudly when I am out pounding the pavement. I have seen my physio and his first thoughts were stress fractures so thank goodness we ruled that out! I am doing all the right things to help these tendons play nice except for some reason I keep thinking that I can go out for a run. You know, the night before, sitting on the couch, I think, “yeah, I’ll get up early and run 10k just to see how they go now that I have been icing them for two days.” Then during the night as I wake up to the pain, I realise that it is crazy talk. I am a crazy lady.

What has surprised me is that I haven’t had a melt down. No wobbly, no hissy fit, not even quiet tears in the shower when no one is looking. I am cool with it. My emotional resilience really started to build when I became a parent and then I ran a marathon with an injury six weeks out. I can handle this kind of stuff. It is frustrating and annoying, sure. And it is not the end of the world.

We are so lucky that we can run.

The upcoming half marathon is called Run Melbourne and it is an annual event that is all about raising money for your favourite charity. I feel right now that even though my time goal might be out of my reach, my ability to run 21.1 and raise money for a worthy cause is not. It might hurt, it might not be pretty, but it sure will be fun – half marathons always are.

Another day highlander……

How do you go with emotional resilience? What self talk helps get you out of the pit of despair?

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