It’s a fine line

Had another amazing conversation with one of the mums at school pick up yesterday. One of those conversations that makes your mind spark and flare like a dry piece of kindling in a roaring fire. She was talking about an elite team of athletes that she is currently coaching. Yes, we have some incredible parents in our school yard, you can like her facebook page here, and it is just a suburban, state primary school… and I digress.

She made the comment that there is a thin line between glory and pain. The thin line that you walk between going for the glory, the ultimate achievement and suffering the searing pain if you don’t get there. When training for glory, whatever that may be for you, getting a sub 3 hour marathon time, or finishing the full 42.2km no matter what, or making it through a 10km run without stopping, there can be times when you choose to “protect” yourself in order to alleviate the potential for pain.

This can be things like, “I didn’t train as hard as I could have so fair enough that I didn’t quite get my goal”. You are protecting yourself just in case, making excuses, and holding back. There can be no protection when going for glory. There can be no holding back. What is the point of that? If you want the gold medal (once again, whatever that means for you) then you have to behave like a gold medal athlete. Does a gold medal athlete sit on the couch, or do they go out for their training run in the rain, or in the heat?

There can be no consideration of pain when you are going for glory. You have to see that glory, work for that glory and take it. If you truly want to achieve your goal then you have to go for it. You can’t be thinking “what if I don’t get there”.

And then you can enjoy the glory when you get that gold medal. You will know that you did your all.

There is no plan B, baby. And that is a thing of beauty.

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