May you be accepting

I have had two lessons in acceptance in quick succession. First thing this morning, as I was getting ready for my long run, I realised that I hadn’t written a blog yesterday. Darn it. I have to accept that blogging every day is not really something that I can maintain. My life lacks routine and can be rather busy. I love it that way and this has implications for my ability to do anything “regularly”. So I accept that blogging every day is not something that works well with the way that I live my life. The experience  of wanting to blog every day in May has made me realise that I can blog more often, just not perhaps EVERY day. 🙂

The second lesson in acceptance unfortunately was a result of my run this morning. I crashed and burned. I was all set to run 18k. I was feeling rather tired after a big week but still ready to go as I love the longer runs. Not to be. A few things were hurting and when my left achilles refused to warm up and kept on twinging I thought it best to pull the pin rather than push through. I have a half marathon in mid July and I want to run it hard so I need to keep myself injury free. I also found this morning that my mind wasn’t doing very well either. Because I had niggly pains here and there, it wanted to stop (more than normal) and I was fighting it incessantly. After 8k I caved in, primarily because of my achilles, and didn’t enjoy it at all. I was miserable. I was annoyed and angry at myself. Lucky I had a 2k walk to get home so that I could sort out my mental state before being with my family.

I pulled myself together. I thought about acceptance. I thought about the Buddhist philosophy that life is suffering. I doubt that he had in mind having to finish up a long run early as “suffering” but you get what I mean. Life doesn’t always go to plan and being able to go with the flow and not get too caught up with your desires, is a very valuable lesson. I find motherhood and running have both given me many opportunities to learn this lesson. And again this morning…….

We often have to accept things as they are and give in to what is going on around us. Knowing when you can make a difference and when best to leave things alone is key.

May you all have the ability to discern the difference and have the graciousness of acceptance when you need it this weekend. Have a good one.

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  1. I have learned this lesson a few times (though why doesn’t it stick?!), and send you my empathy. I recently listened to a Another Mother Runner podcast where one of the ladies said her trainer reminded her, “Need a day? Take a day.” May you rally to run 18k another day, dear Roz.

    1. Thanks so much Jellia. My hubbie says that I have to go find the last 10k tomorrow lol. I love Dimity and Sarah although don’t always get time for their podcasts. Glad to hear it was good for you. Thanks for your support.

  2. Oh yes! I needed to read this today, I really need to learn more acceptance and not be too hard on myself, self acceptance and self love is key in life, helps you move forward! Another great one Roz!! And yes, go find that 10k – the tough runs always make us stronger, mentally and physically!!

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