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I had such a lovely conversation with my mum today. She is quite an extraordinary woman as I have mentioned many times before. Her little gems of wisdom kept me sane through those early childhood years when you are sleep deprived and going a little bit crazy. Well, today we talked about something special.

We literally talked about “something special”. We discussed how wonderful it is to feel the joy that comes from having something special just for you. And how important it is to foster this for yourself and, as parents, for your children.

I realised the other day that I have a fundamental belief, which I obviously got from my parents, that we all have something that makes our heart sing, or we have a natural talent that is near effortless for us but potentially difficult for somebody else. We are all unique.

You can stop calling for the bucket to throw up into, I am serious! I have a bit of a natural talent for group facilitation – I can admit it, I am a big girl. I also have a determination to achieve my goals which comes from being the third child with two academic over achieving older sisters. I decide I am running a marathon and yes, I run a bloody marathon.

There is a wonderful joy when you find this something special and make it part of your life. I think we all need to make sure that we find time to do at least a little of what we love or have a talent for in amongst everything else that we need to get done. I am so lucky that one of the things that makes my heart sing is running. It is pretty easy to accommodate that in my life. I feel sorry for the person whose heart resonates only for Hayley’s Comet or the foot prints of a white rhinoceros.

I also take note of what my children love to do and potentially what might grow into a special knack. It is so wonderful to feel their joy of experience too.

So what is your natural talent and do you use it? What makes your heart sing?

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  1. My natural talents…you may laugh, but organizing seems to be a special talent of mine. I just wish my house reflected that! Also, listening–some day, I will go on to get my PhD in Child Psychology, but I have my whole life to do that. For now, I will enjoy my kids 🙂

    Trail Running makes my heart sing and I am thankful that I figured this out. Like you, we’re trying to take cues from our children as to what makes them the happiest while still encouraging them to try other things (they are pretty young, after all!).

    Nice post, Roz!

    1. Thanks Anne. I will keep in mind your organising prowess – might need that one day, hopefully soon when a family of Aussies make it over to your part of the world. 🙂

  2. I believe writing is my natural talent, although I do need to hone it – editing especially but what most don’t realize is that editing and writing are very different. As for what makes my heart sing – wow, I’m not quite sure the first thing that pops in my noggin is swimming, next is running! Truly loved this post!!

    1. Thanks Deanna. I think all of us “writers”, and I use the term loosely for myself, need to hone our skills. I think it is one of those things that grows with time, practice and experience. I love swimming too – so many things that we have in common. 🙂

  3. I think my special talent is managing chaos. Before my little ladies were born, I was a kindergarten and first grade teacher. I didn’t seem to have the management troubles that other teachers had. At first, I was thinking “What is wrong with you people? This is common sense!” But then I realized that the struggling teachers were the majority and I was a minority. That’s when it dawned on me that I have a knack for this.

    Or it could be that my marbles are so far lost that I don’t even realize it’s chaos around me. 😉

    1. Ooo, I could do with some of that. I might just keep that phrase in mind next time I have a house full of kids – Managing the Chaos. Also sounds like a great blog topic. Nice! 🙂

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