Do you ever have those moments when you realise just how far you have come as an individual? Just how much personal growth you have managed to accumulate over the years?

I just did.


For the last few months I have been undertaking some writing exercises in order to develop expertise at a craft that I really want to master. One of these exercises was to write a list of the emotional states that you would replicate within a fiction novel based on your own experiences. This activity made me reflect on the emotional states that I have experienced in my lifetime so far. Three months later I just happened upon the list (looking for something else) and discovered that it is quite chronological upon review.

Starting with the sense of being so frightened as to be paralysed (I was a very fearful child) through to knowing the depth of your personal resilience, having success due to that resilience and relishing in that knowledge.

With all sincerity, I still have moments of fear and self doubt but they are fleeting and have as much hold as a child skimming down a water slide. The strength and resilience that I have developed through motherhood and my love for running shines through relentlessly. I absolutely revel in my acceptance of self and knowledge of what I can achieve once I put my mind to it.

If you would like to feel the same, go ahead, write that list of emotional states and marvel at how far you have come. Enjoy it. Share it.


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