Lengthening the fuse

There has been so much rattling around my head of late and also plenty of varying emotions.  I must have looked a little ordinary the other day because an older lady at the supermarket said to me, “oh, the last couple of weeks of school holidays, they are really tough! Good luck.”

WOW. Either I had been firmly instructing my children on how to behave, or perhaps I had that air of someone who could lose their cool any second, just watch out.  Either way, I thought, she is right! For us down south, we have had our long, summer, school holiday break and it is nearing a close.  I am finding that my children, who are not used to spending quite that many hours together, are getting snitchy at each other and I am forever having to negotiate some outburst or another. On top of that, I am a bit of a mean mother, and haven’t provided every day packed full of excitement, but have been encouraging them to entertain themselves. This has had varied success but I am sincerely hoping they will thank me for it later in life…….(could be dreaming).

This has led to the realisation that the spit-fire temper that I had as child has not really disappeared as I had thought. It is not even that far from the surface at times, so I have been working to lengthen my fuse.

Tough gig that one.  If something is burnt, black and falling to pieces, it is pretty hard to put it back together. But that is what I have been attempting to do.

This morning I read a lovely Wayne Dyer quote, “BE the peace and harmony you desire”. Gorgeous. Lets just be that peace and harmony shall we – can someone tell my children?

Actually, it did help me as it reminded me that I have a choice in every moment to be calm. It is just about finding the right techniques to blow out the flame that has ignited the fuse. I vowed that this week I would read the chapter in Buddhism for Mothers on anger and send out some help via this blog. It is Thursday and I am still waiting to find the time…..  Will definitely post some techniques on fuse lengthening when I get a chance.

Make a choice right now, be the peace and harmony you desire. And with a little Seinfield laugh, shout it out – Serenity NOW! 🙂

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